DeskTom CT Scanner

Innovator in 3D Laser Scanning Industry

The DeskTom CT Scanner

A Compact CT Scanner with Ultra 3D Accuracy and Resolution

The DeskTom CT Scanner is an x-ray inspection machine with computed tomography (CT) allowing collection of complex internal and external geometry.

Parts fabricated from materials such as thermoset and thermoplastics, ceramics or composite materials, as well as magnesium, aluminium and steel can be measured and efficiently evaluated.

Internal structures and assemblies as well as fiber alignment, wall thickness, porosity, etc can easily be visualized, analyzed and documented. Without needing visual access and the process is non destructive.


• Real time high resolution digital radioscopy

• Resolution: to 3µ Accuracy to: +/- 5µ

• No maintenance (Sealed Micro-focus tube) 130-150 kV

• Precision motorized motions axes (X,Y, Z, Rotary) programmable

• Full inspection volume 20 cm (8”) x 25 cm (9.8”)

• Compact scanner with a small footprint

• Most affordable CT Scanner on the market

• External and Internal Surface Geometry output as STL for use with popular 3D Scan Data Processing sfw

• Optional 3D Visualization and post processing software suites available to fit any application: Inspection, Reverse Engineering, Analysis, Porosity, Fiber Alignment, Wall Thickness, Comparison to CAD 3D Color Maps and much more.

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