Surveyor Scan Control (SSC) Software

Innovator in 3D Laser Scanning Industry

The Surveyor Scan Control (SSC) Software

Years of development have led Laser Design Inc to the creation of the industry’s most powerful software program for 3D scanning.

The Surveyor Scan Control (SSC) software is the industry’s leading 3D scanning software program, both in terms of power and ease of use. It is tightly integrated with Laser Design Inc full line of laser probes.

It also provides motion control capability for their broad range of Surveyor 3D scanning systems and guides the user through the entire 3D scanning process.


• Fully Integrated with entire line of Laser Design’s Surveyor scanning systems and laser probes

• Easy to learn and use Windows based interface

• Manage entire 3D scanning process with large point cloud capabilities

• Wizards and scripting for common tasks

• Predefined Scan Parameters for quick selection of scan settings

• Generate Best Path Plan for auto creation of scan paths

• Built-in data filtering and processing

• Direct Plug-In’s for 3rd Party Software

• Surveyor EZ for simple production scanning

• Controls up to 9 axes of Motion (3 linear and 6 rotary)

Surveyor Scan Control is a powerful 3D scanning software that can be used by CAD experts and novices alike. Whether used with Laser Design’s fully integrated scanning systems or with an existing Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) upgraded with laser scanning technology, SSC is the only 3D scanning software you’ll ever need.

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