Surveyor DS-Series

Innovator in 3D Laser Scanning Industry

The SURVEYOR® DS-Series 3D Laser Scanning Systems

The DS-Series design emphasizes powerful bearing ratios and precision pre-loaded mechanical bearings on hardened and ground steel ways. Its straight and square construction using a dual-beam steel bridge ensures mechanical accuracy making calibrations simple and saving you money. The DS-Series features the ultimate drive system eliminating the heat, vibration, wear, backlash and cogging of other CMM-type systems. The programmable multi-axis, PC-based controller is from one of the world's leading provider of PC-based motion-control technology.

Using patented laser scanning technology, the Surveyor® DS-Series system scans parts from all orientations, then easily rotates the data back into a common coordinate system. Operators can quickly and easily digitize simple or complex parts of all sizes and geometries. A wide variety of laser probes are offered which use a direct encoder interface to maximize scan data throughput.


3D Scanner with Highest Precision Standards

Scanning accuracy is up to 0.012 for small parts and to 0.025 for large parts.

Highly Automated and Easy to Use

The Renishaw PH10 motorized indexing head and high-precision rotary stage options enable unattended automated operation and repeatable probe reorientation.

Surveyor Scan Control Proprietary software

• Provides optimization for part specularity, data density control, and filtering.
• Simple Windows interface that makes laser scanning easy.
• Easy to use scanning wizards automate most day-to-day tasks.
• Detailed accuracy reporting - Know the accuracy of your machine before you start collecting data.
• Automated scanning - Control up to 7 axis of motion for complete coverage from a single program.

Fast and Ultra-Precise Laser Scanners

• Using Patented Laser Line Scanning Technology, it scans parts from all orientations, and then easily rotates the data back into a common coordinate system.
• Dual-camera sensors that collect data simultaneously.
• Laser Design XLP laser probe is industry best accuracy, resolution and speed for laser line scanning technology.

Multiple Applications

• Systems are available in many sizes to accommodate different types of parts and applications.
• Laser probe options are also available for different part sizes and level of detail on the parts to be scanned.

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