Surveyor Space Arm

Innovator in 3D Laser Scanning Industry

The SURVEYOR® Space Arm-Portable CMM & 3D Scanner Series

This high accuracy, light weight, portable system is the industry’s fastest, most flexible, and easy to use arm that successfully handles your demanding inspection and reverse engineering applications.

Looking for a scanner with a large laser stripe? Look no further! These 3D scanners have the largest 3D laser stripe in the business helping you to scan large parts easily and quickly.


3D Scanner with Highest Precision Standards

Laboratory tests show overall system accuracy on a Space Arm to be +/-0.00225” when performing an ANSI B89 ball bar test.

Fast and Ultra-precise Laser Scanners

• Using Patented Laser Line Scanning Technology, it scans parts from all orientations, and then easily rotates the data back into a common coordinate system
• Dual-camera sensors that collect data simultaneously
• Laser Design XLP laser probe is industry best accuracy, resolution and speed for laser line scanning technology

Four Space Arm Versions Available

• Micron – 3D Laser with 5 and 6 axes configurations
• Space Arm – an economical solution, but still holds accuracy
• Space Plus – 6 and 7 axis arm, lighter and more accurate than it’s competitors. Features an electromagnetic brake to prevent arm flipping
• Space Explorer / Space Tubo – 6 axis arm for very large work volumes. Superior alternative to a Laser Tracker with accuracy to 0.0075″


• Bundled software such as Geomagic and Polyworks that easily process the 3D scan data for inspection reports or reverse engineering applications
• Various probing software supported
• Tight integration with data processing software makes the Space Arm scanning technology and data processing software the most elegant and easy to use system on the market

Additional Space Arm Features

• Only Portable CMM as accurate as a stationary CMM!
• Is a high accuracy portable arm offered at a competitive price
• Fast, flexible and easy to use
• More Probing Options
• 2 Year Warranty
• Electromagnetic Brake
• 1.8m to 9.0m ranges available, all within 1/10mm accuracy
• Temperature compensation
• Made by Tomelleri Engineering and distributed by Laser Design Inc

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